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Terms of Use of Website

Please read carefully the terms of use of the website of STASY SA before using it.

The terms of use govern access to and use of the website.

If users do not agree to the terms of use, they must not use the website of STASY SA.

By visiting and using the website of STASY SA, users are presumed to have studied, understood and unreservedly accepted all terms of use, as follows:

Website User suitability

The website is owned and controlled by STASY SA and is addressed to both legal persons and individuals that have the legal capacity required by law to use the services offered through the website. If these conditions are not met, the use of the website shall not be allowed.

Amendment to the Terms of Use

STASY SA has the right to review and update these Terms of Use at any time. Users continued use of the website after any change to the Terms of Use shall imply that they accept these changes. Each website item may be modified, supplemented, deleted or updated without notice, at the absolute discretion of STASY SA.

Protection of Personal Data

The Privacy and Data Protection Policy of STASY SA governs the use of information, collected or provided by the user/subject to the website. To take knowledge of the Privacy and Data Protection Policy of STASY SA, Subjects are asked to use the relevant link on the website (link to the privacy and data protection policy).

License – Intellectual Property Rights of the website (copyright)

All the content of the website – save for any exceptions expressly mentioned –including, but not limited to, texts, news, graphics, photographs, charts, images, services and, generally, all types of files, shall be subject to intellectual property of STASY SA or third parties, who have licensed STASY SA and shall be governed by national, European and international provisions on intellectual property.

Therefore, the reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, download, translation and modification of any part of the website is explicitly prohibited in any way without the prior express written consent of STASY SA. Registered trademarks and names included on this website are registered marks and protected by the said copyright provisions. By way of exception, parts of the website content may be stored or copied to a plain personal computer, strictly for personal use without the intention of commercial exploitation. If website content is stored or copied, the source must be indicated, though this does not entail that copyrights and, all the more so, exploitation rights are granted. Certain website content originating from other entities or third parties is the intellectual property of such persons and any use or exploitation thereof is strictly prohibited.

Restrictions on the use of the Website

In addition to other restrictions set out in these Terms of Use, users agree to the following:

  1. They shall not conceal the origin of information transmitted through the Website;
  2. They shall not provide false or misleading information through the Website;
  3. They shall not log in and shall not use services, information, applications, etc. made available through the Website in a manner that is not expressly permitted by STASY SA;
  4. They shall not enter/upload on the website data containing malware, in particular viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or other computer programming routines, intended to cause damage, interfere, intercept, or seize any system, the Website or Information, or which infringe the intellectual property rights of others.

Links to other Websites

(a) External links: The Website may contain links to third-party websites and resources (linked sites). These linked sites are provided for user convenience only and not as sites whose content is approved by STASY SA. STASY SA does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the correctness, accuracy, performance or quality of any content, software, service or application available at any linked site. STASY SA is not responsible for the availability or content or activities of linked sites. If users decide to access linked sites, they do so at their own liability and risk. In addition, the use of linked sites is subject to the policies, terms and conditions applicable, including the linked site’s privacy policy.

(B) Internal links: Plain-text linking to any Website page other than STASY’s is strictly prohibited in the absence of a separate linking agreement STASY SA. Any website or other device that provides a link to or any page available therein cannot (a) reproduce the Content, (b) use a browser environment or margin around the Content, (c) imply in any way that STASY SA approves it, (d) misinterpret any situation, including its relationship with STASY SA, (e) present false information about the services of STASY SA, and (f) use any STASY logo or mark, without the prior express written permission of STASY SA.

Termination – Suspension of Operation of the Website

The user agrees that STASY SA, at its sole discretion, is entitled to terminate or suspend the use of the website, content and/or information thereby, at any time and for any reason, or without justification, even if access and use continue to be allowed to others. On suspension or termination of use, the user is obliged (a) to immediately discontinue the use of the website and services, and (b) to destroy any copy of part of the content created. Access to the website, Information or Services after such termination, suspension or interruption shall be an act of unlawful entry. In addition, the user agrees that STASY SA shall not be liable vis-à-vis the user or any third party for any termination or suspension of access to the website, Information and/or Services.

Limitation of Liability – Disclaimer by STASY SA

STASY SA makes all possible efforts to ensure that the content as a whole and the information of the website are accurate, clear, valid, complete, correct and available.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall STASY SA be held liable for any damage caused to the public as a result of such use of the website.

STASY SA does not guarantee the proper functioning of the website, without any interruptions, errors, mistakes that need to be corrected or make browsing on the website less satisfactory.

Visitor obligations

Visitors of the website are obliged to comply with the relevant provisions of Greek, European and international law and applicable legislation and to refrain from any unlawful and abusive use of the content of the Network. Visitors assume liability for any form of damage caused to the website due to their inappropriate actions. In case of any lawsuit or administrative or judicial claim against the website, due to any form of infringement by visitors, the latter undertake to intervene in the relevant judicial proceedings and compensate STASY SA in case of obligation to pay compensation or any other obligation.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

The Greek law shall be applicable to the operation of the website and the services or information provided thereby.

The courts sitting in the region of the registered offices of STASY SA, i.e. the courts of Athens, shall be competent.

The Supervisory Authority for the Protection of Personal Data shall be the Greek DPA.

In case of any problems in the content of the website, please contact STASY SA, Passenger Service Department ( [email protected] ).