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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student. What must I do?

If you are a student, please follow these steps:

  1. Issuance of a new personalized card

You must go to the Personalized Cards issuing stations and submit:

  • Police identity card or passport;
  • A recent photograph (If you do not have any, your picture will be taken on the spot);
  • An official document certifying your social security number (AMKA) in printed or electronic form (e.g. mobile photograph of the official document);
  • Your academic identity card *

* First-year students only may also print the online pre-enrolment application or their certificate of enrolment to the relevant University, with the approval of OASA (a relevant announcement will be made)


2. Renewal of the right to travel at a reduced rate at the beginning of each new academic year

Students of the Higher Public Educational Establishments of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs must go to the ticket offices of Metro stations or to the OSY Syntagma and Airport Stations in order to extend the period of validity of their right to personalized Athenacards.

Necessary supporting documentation to be produced along with the cards: academic identity card to confirm their qualification and the AMKA certification document (in paper or electronic form).  


Students who do not complete the above-mentioned procedure will travel at the regular rate after the expiry of the deadline set by OASA and until they have completed it.

For more information:  Click here

From Automatic Ticket Machines located in all stations/stops, the ticket offices, all OASA points of sale, as well as through the mobile ticketing application “TfA Tickets”.

You can find information about who is entitled to reduced rates here.

You can find information about the required supporting documents here.

Monthly Unlimited-travel Cards are sold at the Stations’ Ticket Offices. They are sold from the 23rd of the current month to the 7th of the following month.

You can find information about buying annual unlimited-travel cards here.

You can find information about available ticket and card prices and validity here. Information is also available at the Passenger Service Department.  Lastly, you will find information in the tables posted at the Ticket Offices, the Station Masters’ Offices and the Stations’ Notice Boards. Station staff can answer any relevant questions.

The first service starts at 05:00 from the terminal stations of Line 1 and 05:30 from the terminal stations of lines 2 and 3. The last service from the terminal stations of Line 1 starts at 00:15. The last service from Syntagma station to the terminal stations of lines 2 and 3 starts at 00:23, except for Friday and Saturday nights, when it starts at 01:30. Train arrival times at stations, including the first and last services, are posted on the notice boards at each station. You can find relevant information by choosing a line here.

Trains to and from the Airport run every 36 minutes, every day of the week. The detailed arrival times of the Airport trains are posted on the notice boards at every Line 3 station. The notice boards of Line 2 stations comprise information about Airport train arrivals at Syntagma station, where passengers switch lines to travel to the Airport.

You can find information about service frequency here.

The word “Airport” shall be written on the destination sign at the front of the train, but also on the electronic schedule at the Line 3 station platforms. Airport trains are also identified by the Airplane sticker at the side windows of the train.

The regular airport ticket costs €9.00 and is valid for a single journey to the Airport from any station of the network of Lines 1, 2 & 3 or vice versa. You can also issue group one-way tickets for two or three persons, as well as return tickets. You can find more information about tickets here.

You can find relevant information here.

All Lines 1, 2 and 3 stations have public toilets, mainly intended for people with disabilities or people needing assistance (elderly, pregnant women, etc.). For safety and hygiene reasons, the use of toilets is controlled. The station staff will also let other people in need to use the toilet.

It is strictly forbidden to descend on the train lines for any reason. Do not attempt to retrieve the item that fell on the lines by yourself. There is imminent risk of electric shock and accidents from a passing train. Please report the incident to the Station Master who will take further action.

The platform has enough room to accommodate a large number of passengers. For your convenience, you need to move along the entire platform and not pile into certain places. The train runs the entire length of the platform and you can embark easier and faster.

It is often the case, either by misuse or due to instantaneous failure of the validating machine, that the ticket is not properly validated. For this reason, passengers must check that their ticket was validated (there is also a relevant notice on the validating machines). In case of incorrect validation of your ticket, you should immediately inform the Station Master of Lines 1, 2 and 3. If you travel by TRAM, you should validate your ticket to the validating machine at the opposite platform.

You can directly contact the Station Master at the platforms of all METRO stations by pushing the red button above the fire hose reels.

Attention: Unnecessary use will be criminally prosecuted!

STASY has specialised staff whose primary responsibility is to patrol all TRAM stops and vehicles throughout its operating hours.

You can find relevant information here.
In case of loss of personal items, passengers may go to the Lost and Found Offices, either to report the loss or receive an item found.  If a passenger finds an item, they can hand it over to the station staff. You can find more information here.

Complaints or comments about the operation of track-based modes of transport can be addressed to the Passenger Service Department, located at “SYNTAGMA” Metro station, next to the exit to Syntagma Square.


For complaints or remarks regarding the operation of the means of fixed track transport, you can contact the Passenger Service Department,
located at the "SYNTAGMA" Metro station, next to the exit to Syntagma Square.

You can find information about the OASA five-digit public transport information number 11185 here.

You can find relevant information here.