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Extensions of the metro and tram network of STASY

Future Projects

Metro extensions (lines 1 and 4)


14 trains of the Piraeus-Kifissia Line are being upgraded.

The contract for the upgrading of 14 trains on Athens Metro Line 1 (Electric Railway) was signed in December 2022 between STASY and the contractor company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles. The scope of the project is the complete upgrade of 14 trains of the 8th batch, introduced between 1983 and 1985. The upgraded trains will be operational for another 25 years.

 Other interventions include: The replacement of old and energy-intensive DC traction engines with modern AC engines; the replacement of the traction system, the rotating generator, the air compressors and the pneumatic system; the upgrade of the air conditioning system, facilities for disabled passengers, as well as overall and essential aesthetic “face-lifting” of the trains.

The contractual subject will be delivered within 34 months from the execution of the contract. However, the delivery of the trains will be made in instalments: The first renovated train will be delivered at 19 months, four more trains in 25 months, five more trains at 30 months and the remaining four trains in 34 months.

With the completion of the project, the aim is to achieve a quantitative and qualitative upgrade of the rolling stock. At the same time, the travel time of the line will be reduced and will be equivalent to those of lines 2 and 3.

The project is funded by the NSRF.


 General Description: The current Athens Metro Line Development Plan includes Metro Line 4, Alsos Veikou-Evangelismos-Faros-Maroussi, with its extensions (a) towards Vyronas/Ano Ilioupoli and (b) towards Petroupoli and the Motorway/Ethniki Odos. The U-shaped Line 4 consists of two radial strands, towards Galatsi and Maroussi, and a central section passing through the centre of Athens; its total length is 38.2 km, it comprises a total of 35 stations and consists of five distinct sections, A, B, C, D and E:

 Section A: Alsos Veikou-Goudi (with a length of 12.8 km and 15 stations): It is part of the Line 4 project, which is planned to be implemented in the long term, and has a length of about 12.8 km; it also includes the Connecting Tunnel of Line 4 with Lines 2 and 3, the Access Tunnel and the Katechaki Train Repository/Maintenance area. The project includes fifteen (15) underground stations and nine (9) intermediate and/or terminal wells.

 It has been designed to serve many densely-populated areas of the city and many important buildings and facilities, such as Hospitals, Educational Establishments, Courts and major public buildings of Organisations or Ministries. The estimated cost of the project is EUR 1,510,000,000.00 and the estimated delivery time is 96 months.

 The project will be funded under the new NSRF 2014-2020 and in the Operational Programme YMEPERA (Infrastructure, Transport, Environment and Sustainable Development).

 Section B: Goudi-Maroussi (with a length of 9.6 km and 8 stations)

 Section C: Evangelismos-Ano Ilioupoli (with a length of 4.1 km and 3 stations)

 Section D: Alsos Veikou-Petroupoli (with a length of 7.5 km and 6 stations)

 Section E: Maroussi-Motorway/National Road (with a length of 4.4 km and 3 stations)


Metro line 2 extension

The extension of Metro Line 2, whose tender process is under way, has a length of 4 km, will start from Anthoupoli and will include the construction of three new stations: “Palatiani”, “Ilion” and “Aghios Nikolaos”. The cost of the project comes to EUR 682 million (inclusive of VAT) and its construction period is set at 57 months from the date of execution of the contract. Upon completion, passengers from Ilion will reach Omonia in 16 minutes, Acropolis in 20 minutes and Elliniko in 35 minutes.

The subject-matter of the contract includes the design and construction of three individual items:

  • The extension of the Line to Ilion with 3 new stations, as well as the corresponding ventilation wells and a Transfer Station;
  • The expansion of the Elaionas Depot;
  • The upgrade-replacement of existing electromechanical systems of the Athens Metro lines 2 and 3.

The project has been included in the Infrastructure and Transport Sectoral Development Programme of the national Public Investment Programme and is scheduled to be subsequently included in the Operational Programme “Transport” of the new NSRF Programme Period 2021-2027.


Other projects

  • Energy recovery by upgrading 2 traction substations

STASY will launch a tender of EUR 2.7 million, exclusive of VAT, for the upgrading of two traction substations of Line 1, with simultaneous installation of an energy recovery system from the electric braking of trains. The project has secured NSRF funding.