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The environment is a top priority, in the framework of responsible business practices, which STASY S.A employs. How could it be any different, since the rail systems in all their forms, are the most eco friendly means of public transport.



Our trains operate on electricity producing minimum waste and minimizing pollution on a local level. It should be noted, however, that electricity is also produced through methods that might pollute the environment. Nonetheless, the level of waste and pollution remains significantly lower than what would be expected to be produced through the use of cars and other vehicles. The TRAM infrastructure has been constructed adhering to strict regulations regarding noise in order to minimize disturbance for the residents and the environment. Noise levels are being closely monitored throughout the system, through the use of monitoring stations that are operated under the supervision of the Thessalia Polytechnic University.



Recycling and Energy Saving: STASY S.A takes all necessary steps in order to promote recycling and energy saving practices. All recyclable materials are gathered and processed while efforts are made to minimize waste. In addition, the company employs contemporary practices to maximize energy savings while exploring the possibility of using renewable sources of energy. All our depots use natural gas rather than petrol in order to meet their heating needs while are laundry stations are equipped with systems that allow for the recycling of the water used in order to limit the amount of the water needed for these functions.



Gentrification and aesthetic upgrade of the areas surrounding the stations: STASY S.A has as a priority to maintain and promote the eco friendly aspects of rail systems in a way that incorporates the neighborhoods and the areas surrounding the rail stations and facilities. Using funds from the European Union, STASY S.A has implemented several gentrification works, including aesthetic interventions and the planting of several trees alongside with the establishment of recreational areas. In addition, in several locations, STASY S.A has contributed to the upgrading of sewage systems, the creation of pedestrian paths, and the improvement of the overall quality of life for citizens and visitors alike.

In the process of accomplishing the above, STASY S.A has established close collaborations with various local agents, national and international organizations in order to preserve and protect the environment. Local initiatives include actions to enhance the areas around the stations.




 WWF Hellas in collaboration with the Transport for Athens, organized an event at Syntagma station to prompt citizens to use public transport. (2/2015)
The Hellenic Society for the protection of Nature, the oldest environmental NGO in the country, celebrating this year 65 years of uninterrupted action for environmental protection, organized in cooperation with the Urban Rail Transport S.A., a photo exhibition on the Greek nature at Kerameikos station, 24-30 November 2016. The purpose of the exhibition was to inform and raise awareness among passengers about the magical world of wildlife and protected areas of our country. At the same time, the exhibition noted the value of the natural ecosystems, the urge to protect them, and the importance of our activation in order to ensure a sustainable environment.