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Facilities for PSN

METRO Line 1

The projects for the renovation of the stations have permitted crucial interventions which concern the improvement of access of persons with disabilities to the wider surroundings of the stations.


The most important of these interventions include:

  • Construction of elevators at all the stations of the network.
  • Access ramps for persons with mobility problems, at all areas where such ramps were feasible and necessary, as well as movable ramps for the access of persons with mobility problems to the trains.
  • Passageways for the mobility of blind persons at the platforms and also at the wider surroundings of the stations.

Apart from the aforementioned interventions, the effort of Urban Rail Transport S.A. to facilitate the mobility of persons with disabilities is continued through interventions at areas where the network is at the surface level and bisects the city’s road network. For example, the construction of a pedestrian bridge with access ramps at the region of Aghios Dimitrios at Neo Faliro.

METRO Lines 2 & 3

The METRO Lines 2 & 3 of Athens provide facilities at the stations and within the trains in order to facilitate people with disabilities.


  • Inclined structure of the curbs (ramps) at the pavements around the stations as well as inclined surfaces (ramps) within the stations at the points where altitude changes
  • Elevators inside all the stations, with sound announcement regarding the position of the elevator and special embossed buttons for use by blind people and for communicating with the person in charge of each station for providing help
  • Embossed steps of fixed scale and also red warning lines near the edges of the steps
  • Double hand railings at the center of fixed stairs of large width
  • Lengthening of hand railings by 1 meter, in extension of the edges of the steps of the fixed stairs
  • Luminous directional indicators as well as emergency button for interrupting the operation of the escalators
  • Improvements concerning the levels of luminosity
  • Plates and signs with easy to read information, which demonstrate among other things, the facilities for use by people with disabilities, such as the elevators
  • Points of customer service, such as customer service personnel for issuing tickets and for providing useful information as well as machines for issuing and validating tickets etc. which are accessible by people with disabilities
  • Additional ticket validation machines near elevators
  • Seats at the platforms
  • Additional warning lines and embossed surfaces at the edge of each platform
  • Closed circuit (CCTV) cameras for monitoring by the station’s staff in charge, with the aim to provide immediate help when needed
  • System of sound announcements
  • Contact numbers for communicating with the station’s personnel in case of emergency
  • Specially designed toilets for people with disabilities
  • Specially designed lines at the new stations, which are used to guide blind people


  • Improvements for seats / handles / facilities for standing people
  • Sound announcement for door closing
  • Sound announcement at each stop - additional visual announcement of stops in the new trains
  • Placement of rubber ledges outside the edges of the trains’ doors for easy boarding of the wheelchairs into the train
  • Vertical reflective tapes at the edges of the train vehicles for pointing out the gap between them – in the new trains there is no gap between the train vehicles
  • Reserved spaces for people with disabilities without wheelchair
  • Special seats within the new trains which allow people with disabilities to attach their wheelchairs


Urban Rail Transport S.A. ensures:

  • The direct embarkation and disembarkation of the persons with mobility problems to the TRAM vehicles without the use of fixed escalators.
  • Access to the stations through special ramps for facilitating persons with disabilities.
  • The existence of specially designed seats inside the vehicles in order to serve better the persons with disabilities.
  • Special route at the stops and audio signals within the vehicles for the mobility of visually impaired persons.
  • Monitors inside the vehicles with indicator of the stops, for servicing persons with hearing loss.
  • The special training of the drivers of the TRAM vehicles in order to assist persons with disabilities.

With the aim to facilitate the everyday life of the persons with disabilities, during the phase of the extension to ASKLIPIIO VOULAS and for the benefit of the Patriotic Institute for Social Welfare and Understanding (PIKPA) of Voula, an auxiliary platform was constructed exclusively for serving the occasional transportations of the children of PIKPA, and proceeded at the same time with the configuration of the surroundings, the pavement and the construction of a new guardhouse and roofing.

Many actions have taken place for the benefit of persons with disabilities. For example, Road Safety Education Program at the TRAM facilities at Elliniko, support of Cerebral Palsy Greece and of the Center of Vocational Rehabilition for people with disabities, gathering of gifts for the Patriotic Institute for Social Welfare and Understanding (PIKPA) of Voula during Christmas of 2007, as well as the support of the international Special Olympics - Athens 2011, through the participation at the program “Adopt an Athlete”.