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Electric Railway Museum


The Museum was a vision of Manolis Fotopoulos, an employee of the Electric Railway since 1990. He begins its implementation later, on 1995 as a pensioner, at the offices of the former Society of Pensioners and nowadays Union of Pensioners at 51, Menandrou St., with the aim to promote the history of progress of the electric railway and the participation in this project of all the company's employees. He begins "...with a lantern and a hat ...". He searches all areas, warehouses, junk yards, even inside the barrels with the trash, from Piraeus until Kifissia and based on his experience and passion, he gathers anything that he considers useful for the creation of the Museum. After numerous and great efforts, this area was found and was granted, which nowadays houses the Museum.



The Museum was inaugurated on November 2005, having in its collection 2000 items (exhibition and warehouse) as well as more than 3000 books, documents and photos, which will constitute the foundation for the expansion of the Museum and the creation of a library.


You can see relevant photos.