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Pasting of advertising material on the exterior sides of the vehicles:
Advertise on the exterior surfaces of the tram vehicles, on one of the biggest moving advertising surfaces in the Greek market, promoting your message at a network of 27 kilometers, inside the city web.
The pricing policy for the disposal of vehicles for the exterior advertising is the following:

  • 5.250 € plus V.A.T., per vehicle / month.


Internal pasting of advertising material on the vehicles:
Paste internally your advertisement at the backs of the seats and also at the floor of the TRAM vehicles and take advantage of the originality of this particular advertising means.

Visibility of your advertising messages at 75 double-sided panels which are located at the 48 stop of the tram network. The key spots that the stops occupy, combined with an extremely creative approach make optimal use of the advantages of this means and of the product.
Technical specifications of the panels:
Usable dimensions of the panels per side:
Height 136 cm Χ Width 187 cm
Usable advertising surface:
The usable advertising surface which corresponds at each side of the panel is about 2,60 m2.
The pricing policy, from April 23rd, 2012, for the disposal of panels for advertising is the following:

  •   255€ plus VAT, per panel / month.

Show your message at (7) screens within each TRAM vehicle, at all vehicles! The number of the displays and the distance between them, as well as the frequency of showing the advertisements, guarantee that your message will reach 65.000 persons daily - the total number of the daily passengers of the tram.

  • The displays host advertisements either in the form of static pictures, each one with a 10'' duration or in the form of a video, with a 40'' duration.
  • Each message is repeated minimum 85 times daily at each one of the TRAM vehicles.
  • The minimum duration for promotion is 5 days

Advertise via pasting at the stops of the ΤRAM (apart from the advertising panels) and more specifically at the surfaces of the installations, e.g. at the backs of the ticket issuing machines, at the barriers, at the stanchions, at the foreheads of the roofs etc.

The ΤRAM travels at the streets of Athens, transporting your own personal passengers!
The vehicles and the stops of the TRAM network as well as the necessary staff (driver, security, etc.) are available for corporate or private events, party, press conferences, photography sessions, video filmings and help you to impress your guests!
Technical specifications:
A TRAM vehicle is provided free of any pasted advertisements.
You can place advertising material at the interior of the ΤΡΑΜ (banners, posters, decoration etc).
Implementation time:
Reserve your TRAM at least a week earlier.

At the stops of the network and at the TRAM vehicles your message is "promoted" in an ideal way. With distribution of flyers, distribution of samples and happenings, which are designed according to your own needs. And as for the implementation: Don't worry! The experienced executives of the Department of Commercial Exploitation commit themselves to design the implementation with you and execute it.

  • The interested party can choose specific stops or part of the route where it will promote its printed materials.

Implementation time: 
3 working days are required, if you cooperate with your own company of promotional activities or 10 working days, if the Department of Commercial Exploitation undertakes the entire promotional activity.

Deliver to us the flyers you want to distribute and our staff at the ticket offices will make sure that they will reach the right persons!
Following your own directions concerning the public that you are interested to approach, with the issuing of every ticket your flyers are also promoted to the passengers that are really interested.

  • Avoid the aimless distribution of flyers and the waste of your money.
  • Take advantage of the idle time of the passengers during their wait at the stop and their transportation with the tram.

Implementation  time:
Reserve the distribution of your flyers by means of the ticket offices at least one week earlier.

Advertise yourselves at the new maps, with the dimensions 132 cm x 132 cm which are located at all the stops of our network.
Your promotion has to do with coverage of part of the map's surface, approximately equal to 1/5. In addition, you are provided with the ability to mark your company, via a logo at spots of the map, the network and the city.

  • The maps are double sided and they are located at every platform of the TRAM at all 48 stops of its network.
  • The positioning of the stops renders the panels of the maps widely visible to the tram's passengers as well as to the local residents, pedestrians or seasonal residents.

For the use of advertising media at the TRAM you can get in contact with the Department of Commercial Exploitation:

Panayiotis Koulouridis tel.:
+30 214.414.1176, +30 214.414.1175,
+30 214.414.8038, +30 214.414.8178
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