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METRO Line 1

Metro Line 1 (Piraeus – Kifissia) is an efficient advertising medium with appealing prices. Its advantages:

  • Connects Northern and Southern suburbs with the city centre
  • Moving advertising surface both underground and terrestrial
  • Connection with lines 2 & 3
  • 25,6km network
  • Wide target-group
  • Daily passenger volume: approx. 220.000

Advertising media


1) Full wrap – exterior surfaces for 28 or 14 days.The Line 1 trains consist of 5 or 6 models which differ slightly according to the receipt date (8th, 10th and 11th lot).


2)Interior labeling for 28 or 14 days. The advertising surfaces of the trains differ depending on the receipt date (8th, 10th and 11th lot).


3) Hiring of Advertising Panels or on all available surfaces (metal, glass, etc) in each one of the 24 Line 1 stations. for 1 or more months.



4) Promotional activities (brochure distribution, sample distribution).


5) Multi-purpose space in Irini station “OAKA”. 500m2 space available for events, exhibitions etc.


6) Branding of selected Line 1 stations (Maroussi, Neratziotissa). Stations with great passenger and consumer volume, which will offer the maximum promotion of products and services.



7) Filming and photography sessions in the stations and the trains.

Price list for promotional filming/photography sessions

Type of footage
Price per hour in €
(+ VAT 23%)
Advertisements (filming and photography sessions)
600€ per hour
At stations and/or with use of a train on the move within the network and/or combined with a station/stations.
Advertisements (filming and photography sessions)
400€ per hour
At inactive trains inside the depots or at parking areas in general.

Price list for promotional filming/photography sessions

Type of footage
Price per hour in €
(+ VAT 23%)
2.   Short films or newcomer directors with the participation of the Greek Film Center or integrated in european programs etc.
200€ per hour
Video for posting on the Web
300€ per hour
Musical Video clip
200€ per hour
Photography and filming sessions  for theses or other student projects etc. without lighting equipment or using only portable equipment
30€ per hour
Photography and filming sessions   for theses or other student projects etc. with lighting equipment
40€ per hour
Photography sessions of artistic interest - video art without lighting equipment or using only portable equipment.
50€ per hour, with minimum payment of 3 hours (150 €)
Photography sessions of artistic interest, video art with lighting equipment.
80€ per hour, with minimum payment of 5 hours (400 €)
Television reports covering news or tourism affairs

Basic Terms of Cooperation

  1. In any case, the exclusive use of a train on the move is billed on the basis of a special agreement (according to each case), with a minimum extra charge of 200 €/hour (this charge is added to the rest of the time charges which apply for each case).
  2. Apart from cases 1&2 the direct or indirect promotion of sponsors has a special billing, depending on each case.
  3. Urban Rail Transport S.A. reserves the right to impose additional charges, where these concern particular needs for functional or operational duties because of the footage, photography sessions etc. (e.g. cost for employing personnel, security, cleaning services, electricity consumption etc.).
  4. Urban Rail Transport S.A. could request insurance coverage for any action, with a related insurance contract.
  5. The interested must submit a formal written request for photography/filming sessions including the date, the expected duration, the aim of the filming/photography session, a description of the topic or scenario (where it is requested), catalogue. If the request is approved, a relevant contract is signed where -among others- there is a description of the terms and limitations of disposal of the material, which is collected by means of photography/filming sessions, within the network and the trains of Urban Rail Transport, of the place or places and also the timetable within which the agreed will be implemented.
  6. It is reminded that photographing and filming of passengers of the network is prohibited (where this is required according to the scenario, actors are used.). Journalistic filming with image and/or sound of any kind, like in case 3 are not treated within the boundaries of this prohibition but each case is treated individually, within the framework of journalistic ethics.
  7. The photography or filming process must be executed in a way which does not hinder the smooth operation of the network or the normal carrying out of the tasks of the company's personnel and must fully comply with the existing legislation regarding privacy.
  8. Urban Rail Transport SA  reserves the right  to interrupt  and/or cancel a scheduled photography/filming session if the above conditions are not met or if there is a violation of the terms of the contract which has been signed between Urban Rail Transport S.A. and the interested party. Furhtermore, Urban Rail Transport S.A. reserves the right to cancel a scheduled photography/filming session if there are particular operational conditions (e.g. force majeure due to severe weather conditions, evacuation of a station, suspension of the network's operation, strikes etc.) which affect the normal operation of the network. In these cases the company is not obliged to pay any compensation and the scheduled photographing/filming session is executed at a rescheduled date.
  9. In appropriate cases Urban Rail Transport S.A. can request a copy of the final product for archiving purposes.
  10. Special rates:
    1. For short or feature films, with the participation of the Greek Film Center or incorporated in programs of the European Union  etc. or
    2. For movies in which the means of fixed track transport plays an important role for the plot, and require many days' (more than 3 days) of filming, the following discounts apply over the existing price list: for filming sessions of 4 to 6 days, 30% discount, from the 4th up to the 6th day, for filming sessions of 7 or more days, 50% discount, for from the 7th day and each day of filming after this day.
  11. The costs are charged with VAT 23%




  1. The full wrap of a Line 1 train is offered for free combined with the interior labeling of the train for the same campaign.
  2. Urban Rail Transport S.A. does not undertake the implementation of the advertising actions
  3. For the issuance of a work/access permit to crews for the depots a verification is required. Access is prohibited without a verification card.
  4. For any advertising or promotional action, the customer accepts the full compliance with the regulations of Line 1 and if certified employees are required they will be trained and certified according to Urban Rail Transport S.A. requirements.
  5. For extra cleaning, security and power supply issues, the regulations and billing rates of Urban Rail Transport S.A. will be applied. The use of external contractors chosen by the main contractor is not allowed.
  6. In the case of free-of-charge use of the train’s exterior, Urban Rail Transport S.A. is not responsible for the damages on the labeling from man caused or other factors. The reparation of the damages shall be borne by the contractor.

Contact details

For the use of the advertising media in Line 1 you can contact the Commercial Development Sector of Urban Rail Transport S.A.: e-mail:, Fax: 214 414 1392.

For further inquiries you can contact: Sabine Papachrysanthou, Head of the Commercial Development Sector (+30) 214 414 1204, and Catherine Demerouti, Commercial and Corporate Communication Director, (+30) 214 414 1137.