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Commercial opportunities

Advertise your business in the system of urban rail transport (metro, tram, electric railway) and convey your advertising message with great effectiveness in our innovative media.


Our competitive breakthrough :  
1 million passengers who choose the system of urban rail transport for their daily transportation. Also,  large advertising surfaces of high impacthigh frequency of itineraries and tailor-made communication possibilities, increase your brand's awareness and the perceived value of your product/service and therefore  your  sales!


Within the 112 stations and stops that are spread over the 108 kilometers of our network and with the extended operation schedule of our transport means, your marketing communication achieves very high penetration.


Specialized executives at the  Commercial and Corporate Communication Directorate of Urban Rail Transport S.A., will assist you how to have the maximum capitalization of  our innovative and interactive advertising media and how to place your campaigns “on the right track”!


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